May 25, 2024

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Pearl companies in Myanmar clam up on military ties

Dawei Watch

March 26, 2024

Despite its low profile, the country’s pearl industry stands accused of providing revenue to help prop up the military junta TANINTHARYI, MYANMAR – For the controversial pearl industry in Myanmar, it’s business as usual in the southern Myeik Archipelago, despite calls for international pearl farming companies – including the Japanese – to exit the country […]

Gold mining devastating forest reserve in Myanmar’s south

Dawei Watch

October 2, 2023

One of the most successful conservation projects in the country now under threat from unregulated extractive industry. DAWEI, MYANMAR – Unregulated and irresponsible gold mining has surged within Myanmar’s southern nature reserve area, putting nearly two decades of conservation efforts under threat. Zimbar Creek and the surrounding lush forest inside the Tanintharyi Nature Reserve (TNR) […]

More than 900 days in the coup

Dawei Watch

August 31, 2023

The report is originally documented and published by FE5 research group. The group can be reached through . Download PDF Version – FE5 Tanintharyi Report Series (July 2023) . What is FE5? . FE5 Tanintharyi Report Series was initiated in April 2022 to document the socio-economic issues and human rights violations resulting from armed […]

“Children traumatized by Conflict and Violence”

Dawei Watch

August 29, 2023

The United Nations has warned that Myanmar’s children could become a lost generation of children. Since the military coup, at least a quarter of a million have had to flee from their homes, hundreds have been arrested, and hundreds killed. There are also many many more who have witnessed horrific violence on both sides, which […]